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Water | Play of Light

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

The creek was breathtaking as it flowed through scene changes along the trail. In parts it wore shades of a beautiful reflective green, calmly meandering among a few rocks.

In other sections there were riffles, the water now shades of brown and deep blues with ruffles of white as it exchanged places and made its way over the maze of rocks.

The creek widened and then narrowed, then swirled its skirt out again as it made its way around a bend. Sometimes it was fringed along the edges with rock walls. Other times, it was trimmed with trees…a path and creek ever changing, and ever playing a song with variance in melody and meter.

At a few points I experienced that “seeing” of something that wasn’t obvious but played in the lens as I thought it might. Once, there was an independent eddy, though the cause of its circular motion was not obvious. There, the water was cast in a brilliant yellow-green with brush strokes of sky blue. I assume that blue actually was painted by the sky as it reflected off the water. The circular motion seemed to change with each second, an intermingling of movement and play of light.

I love it when I see something like that…something right there...something not expected and could easily be passed by...but oh, still so very there.

Whether I see it, or not.


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Bharat Parekh
Bharat Parekh

Absolutely beautiful collection of pictures. You have great insight in catching the right moment, colors, and play of light.

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