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Of Gardens and Wildflowers

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Quaker Lady Bluets | 04.04.23

I scattered some wildflower seeds

in the yard

a few weeks ago...

handfuls of seeds

from large bags labeled

garden blend and mixed Zinnias.

I watched my hands

release the seeds

and watched the breeze as it

caught those seeds

and sent them gently to the


I remembered the

riotous colors

that sprang up last year

after I'd scattered and watered and hoped

for what that little garden patch might become...

which it did.

A few months later

I had watched in delight

as the hummingbirds came,

and the Goldfinches and Sparrows,

and various butterflies

and dragonflies

and whatever else found welcome.

And so,

a few weeks ago,

I scattered the seeds again.

Now I wait with hope

for what will come forth

from the ground.

But then.


A few days ago

I walked in the clearing of a forest

and there before me

were blankets of Quaker Lady Bluets.

Their seeds hadn't been planted in hope

by one such as myself.


their seeds had been dropped



and caught in the breeze

through the turning of seasons,


just as it had been designed.

These flowers. They weren't just wildflowers

but blankets of flowers growing wildly.

Oh --

and there were




where flitting among them

were Goldfinches

feasting upon their banquet,

and Sparrows joining in.


garden in nature

was far more beautiful than

the one I hope to have in my yard

this year.

But I will continue

to scatter

and water

and hope

and watch,

anticipating the birds and butterflies

and whatever else comes

and finds welcome.

. . .

This photograph was taken in the Nantahala National Forest at Standing Indian State Park.

It is located outside of Franklin, North Carolina, in the southeastern part of the USA. It is 95 miles from our home.

Each Saturday morning I send a short email called A Closer Look. It is simply one of my nature photos and a short bit of original writing. It's a quiet way to start the weekend and be encouraged to see the beauty in nature that is all around but that we often overlook. If you would like to receive it, please click here:

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