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Susanne Swing Thompson

I have always loved birds.  The name "Wren"for my photography and handgoods business was born when I was trying to come up with a name and my friend asked what was my favorite bird, and why.

That was easy: wrens.

Wrens make unique nests out of anything and everything.    No two nests are alike.

That's kind of how my husband and I make our home, and how I  create.  It's how I teach my second grade students each morning.  It's how I see things, and I've finally embraced it.

How it began:

Several years ago, my dear friend gave me a camera in hopes that my creative expression could once again be sparked.  Much later, in the midst of needing to see God in the details in my life, I picked up the camera and began photographing the nature right around me.  What started as a simple idea soon grew to a daily habit of photographing plants and birds in my neighborhood.  I was amazed at the details the lens could capture that I’d never seen.  As I photographed the same route over the course of seasons, I began to learn how things change over time.  Indeed, I began to see God in the details, and how those related to me.


In the midst of this personal growth of the last few years, I also realized that we all have a story. Part of my story includes a childhood cabin made from the wood of a railroad trestle.  It was there my family spent several weeks each summer. I could be a child and explore and be in nature, and everything was “right.”  This base formed my love of nature and natural and being outdoors and connected.  Part of my story isn’t as idyllic…but it’s part of the story.


Our communities, our lives, this world around us…how God has woven all of this together…it’s all part of a greater story.  As I look through a lens, it helps me to literally focus on the details, the beauty, the hard, the intricacies, the designs and patterns, the play of light, the connectedness of everything.  It is from there that the deeper story unfolds for me.

What is Wren

Primarily, Wren is my collection of photos I take.  Out of what I photograph, I make matted prints, and create note cards, book marks, and calendars. I've recently been part of photography shows.  But I also make handgoods with other materials.   Check out my blog and click on the links in my "Contact" section to learn more or to purchase.

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