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A Closer Look 2024 -- The Stories Behind the Calendar Photos

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

It all began with walking and photographing in the neighborhood...then sharing what I observed with others. I long for all of us to see what is right there, but that we often overlook.

That is still the heartbeat of my photography and writing. Since those daily neighborhood walks, I have had the opportunity to travel a bit. So here in A Closer Look 2024 , I share with you nature that I observed in my neighborhood, city, and on a few travels. It is my hope that these images and short stories will encourage you to look more closely at the nature that is right where you are, and bring you moments of wonder and delight.

January | Tricolored Heron

I was awestruck at this small wetlands in Port Royal, South Carolina. What the downtrodden hotel didn't offer, the boardwalks of the Port Royal Cypress Wetlands did. Here, there was a panoply of nesting coastal birds feeding their young, building up their nests, and posing for my lens. It truly was incredible.

February | Jonquil

By mid-February, the grey skies no longer say "cozy" to me, but rather bring me down. That said, I like for spring to wait until March. Evidently, Jonquils don't agree. In our neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, they're showing their brilliant faces in early February. But truly, amidst the grey, aren't they welcome?

March | Tulips

We had the incredible opportunity to backpack between villages in France. At the end of our trip, we spent a few days in Paris, revisiting my old stomping grounds from when I had lived north of there, many years ago. Luxembourg Gardens were filled with early spring flowers, tapestries of colors and textures in every area.

April | Barred Owlet

Ironically enough, I was on a walk without my camera, having just told my husband that I had so many photos to edit that I would take time to "see" but not photograph. Then I received a text from a friend: "There is a Barred Owlet that has just branched in a tree, right off my deck! Come!" So, well...I did! Thankfully!

May | Poppy

I love the details that can be seen when I look closely...photograph tightly...and zoom in. This Poppy is so intriguing to me -- the textures, the movement, the variance in color. This was at the home of a dear friend, Betty, whom I've gotten to know through photographing in her gardens. That, too, is part of the photo...

June | Eastern Bluebird

This female Bluebird was quite busy building her nest! We were fortunate to have three families build in this bird house in our front yard that spring/ summer: two Bluebird, and one Brown-headed Nuthatch couple. I eat my breakfast and lunch on the front porch each day, observing their comings and goings.

July | Sunflower

I planted seeds in a metal tub on our front walkway near the door. I watched as they sprouted, grew, unfolded their petals, and opened their faces for the bees, butterflies and birds. Their inner design exhibiting the Fibonacci sequence is mesmerizing. This is such an easy way to have a small garden, that anyone can do.

August | White Ibis juveniles and Snowy Egret

A friend and I were in the panhandle of Florida. One of the days we kayaked down the Wakulla River. This truly was one of the more memorable trips I've had. There in the calm waters were so many coastal birds, including these juvenile White Ibis' and a Snowy Egret, all fishing.

September | Indigo Bunting

I cannot begin to express my excitement in not only seeing, but photographing, this bird! Indigo Buntings are beautiful, but I have only see one once. This one was along the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, not far from my home. Its brilliant blue caught my eye and held it. Fortunately, I was able to get a photo.

October | Monarch Butterflies on Goldenrod

This was truly a "Stop the car!" moment. On that same trip to Florida (see August), we went to the St. George Island State Park. While down a side road lined with brilliant Goldenrod in bloom, we suddenly saw incredible movement. Over 100 Monarchs were feeding upon the blooms!

November | Wood Duck

Frequently I walk on the boardwalk aligning South Peachtree Creek at Mason Mill Park. It's about five miles from my home. On this one mile stretch there are woods, a wetlands, brush...and much can be seen. Imagine my delight when one day I saw this gorgeous male Wood Duck, its colors and patterns so brilliant!

December | Ruby-throated Hummingbird sipping Pineapple Sage

Harry is another neighbor whose garden I visit to photograph. He has an abundance of flower varieties, and thus many birds. I chose this Ruby-throated Hummingbird for December for the different holiday colors of blue, and red and green...and her wings remind me of that of an angel.

May these photos give you moments of calm and beauty and wonder as you walk through 2024. May you experience those as you take a moment to observe the nature that is all around you.

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