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What a delightful way to celebrate a new baby, or simply bring a smile to that friend who loves birds!  This lovely card of a male Bluebird feeding its nestlings is sure to be kept.


Back of the card reads: Such days of constant feedings of the nestlings for the Eastern Bluebird parents!  Here, the male comes with dinner.

Bluebird (Blank) Greeting Card -- Dinnertime!

    • Printed on a smooth, heavy paper -- it's lovely for writing on the blank inside, and beautiful for the photograph on the front.
    • Accompanied by just a bit of thoughtful writing about the moment in the photo, printed on the back.  
    • Includes a Neenah Royal Sundance Brilliant White Felt envelope, with a natural yet classic touch.
    • Makes a wonderful photo for framing in a 5x7 frame, or larger with a mat.
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