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A Canadian Goose had been here.

Or, perhaps,

a Mallard or the Great Egret

who had stood there

preening herself

like a model cast from nature.

I don't know

whose feather

it was,

or if the bird was

in flight

or preening

or paddling by.

I wonder

if that bird even knew

that the feather had


now here for me to

look at



and see its intricate beauty

as it

floats and reflects

in singularity.


this is a quiet token

of a moment that has


and yet

is still a part of the


* * *

This was taken from the first issue of A Closer Look in 2021. A Closer Look is a weekly email that is simply one of my nature photos and a short bit of original writing. If you would like to receive it, you can fill in the Subscribe form on the Contact page of my website. I hope you will take a few moments to visit the rest of my website where you will find several nature photos, blog posts and a Shop of my nature photography note cards. All photos on the website are for sale.

If you would like to see a retrospective of photos from A Closer Look, you can click each of these: A Closer Look 2019 and A Closer Look 2020. By clicking on any photo you will see a web address to copy and paste so you can see that edition of A Closer Look and read the words with the photo.


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