Learning to Fly

In early May, I came upon two Barred Owlets in Briarlake Forest Park. It was a deep, beautiful, and unexpectedly shared experience. Yet, a humorous encounter has also come from it as I've edited the photos and had an obviously-fictional dialog form in my imagination...

Owlet R: "You go first."

Owlet L: "Um...I'm not so sure about this..."

Owlet L: "Mom, are you sure about this?"

Owlet R: "He's a chicken."

Owlet L: "I am not a chicken! I'm an owl! See, I can stand up tall and stretch my wing like this!"

Owlet R: "He's a chicken."

Owlet R: "It's okay. I'll show you how it's done."

Owlet R: "Like this, see? Whoooooaaaahhhhhh....ohhhh noooo..."

Mama Owl, from a distant tree: "Boys, what are you doing down there?"

Owlet L and R: "Ummm, nothing, Mama."

Owlet L and R, to each other: "Now what do we do?"

Owlet L: "I think we're to open them

S L O W L Y..."

Owlet R: "Aaaahhh...I see, you're right...."

Owlet R, whispering: "But let's wait until tomorrow...."

The next day I returned, and one of the owlets had evidently stretched its wings and flown to a hidden branch. One, however, remained. From a distance I had the opportunity to watch him make some of those first awkward attempts at flight. If you'd like to see those photos, please click here.

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