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Updated: Mar 10, 2022

When all the world went on lockdown and the USA joined them in mid-March 2020, something began to happen: people started noticing the nature that was all around them. Suddenly, lives had slowed down but nature didn't stop. There was time to see what was happening in spring (or fall, depending on which side of the hemisphere people lived). Nature became a solace for the tragedies and confusion all around us.

Since 2014, I have walked my neighborhood many times each week with my camera in my hand. Through these years I have taken hundreds of photos, taking in the beauty that is right there once I slowed down to see it. Here I share with you a few of the images from March 2020 to mid-April 2021 that were taken on my neighborhood walks. It is put to calming music.

I hope you'll join me on the walk, then take one in your own neighborhood as well. Simply click on the image below, and you will be taken to YouTube to watch Amidst. Please feel free to share it.

. . . . .

(Each Saturday I send a short nature email called "A Closer Look." It is simply one of my nature photos and a short bit of original writing. It is a quiet way to start the weekend and be encouraged to see the intricacies in nature that are all around. If you would like to receive A Closer Look, please click here.)

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Gorgeous shots!! Especially love owls but all of nature is just amazing!

Replying to

Thank you! Yes, I love owls and so much in nature.


That was supposed to end up with the collection of owl photos but now can't seem to find that link on the Amidst page. I loved the collection! Rhoda


This was great! I know it was exciting as a personal experience, but do I see a children's book in there somewhere? 😊

Replying to

That has definitely been in my thoughts!

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