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When I pause I can see it: the first shoots breaking through the soil, drawn by the sun's rays and the pull of nature's rhythm.

It is time.

In fact, it goes on whether I observe it or not, this transition from grey to spring. Granted, today (as have been the past several weeks), grey clouds blanket the skies. Now, though, the eye is drawn downward toward that which whispers, "It's here" -- whispers coming in shades of bright green, pink, yellow, brilliant orange, and deep red.

Even in the midst of headlines -- headlines of pandemics and accusations. Headlines which reflect that life as we know it has made a drastic shift. Headlines bearing witness to the fact that something invisible to the naked eye is taking a toll

around the globe.

So, I pause. Those headlines and changes in my own patterns have rendered me quiet. I seek that place I've so often sought -- to see that there is beauty, rhythm, design and intricacy outside that door I just wiped down.

It's spring.


Each Saturday I send an email called "A Closer Look." Simply, it's one of my nature photos accompanied by a short journal entry, poetry or reflection. If you would like to receive it, please subscribe on my "Contact" page and you will see it come to your inbox the next Saturday. It's a quiet way to start your weekend.

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